sunnuntai 19. elokuuta 2012


sunnies Asos (couple of years back) // sweater COS // skirt Zara // bag Proenza Schouler PS11 (borrowed from Teemu) // boots Mango 

I love wearing basics. By basics I mean sweaters, black shoes and black bag with any trousers or any skirt. Especially I love basics with an edge. That is, for example perforated basics. I'm currently having a long-term fling with anything perforated so there was no option that I could ever leave this COS sweater to the store. I love its colour, light mint, and its simple cut. Perfect pair with perforated skirt. If I only had a perforated Balenciaga (like one here, in black though)... But the PS11 does superb, too ;)

pics: Teemu

2 kommenttia:

  1. Fabulous bag and skirt!

  2. Natali: Thanks! Wish that bag was mine :))


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