perjantai 13. heinäkuuta 2012

// Mix, match, mismatch //

This is what I wore the other weekend I was strolling through all the interior decoration shops of Punavuori. I have bought both the top and the skirt ages ago but somehow not managed to show them to you on the blog. I felt that the skirt needed something more edgier to be paired with so I picked up this top I bought from Stockholm back in January, I think.

I seriously need to get my hair done as soon as possible. I'm just too lazy, always have been and always will, so I haven't managed (yieks, 2nd "I haven't managed yet" thing on this post) too book a time to a hairdresser. I got like 20cm roots right now and my own hair colour - all that 20cm's - is something between reaaaally dirty blonde and ash brown. Aka not a colour I prefer on summer. After all this whining I think I have to grab my phone and just make a quick call...

sunnies Ray-Ban / top BikBok / skirt Zara / bag PS1 / shoes DinSko (old as... dinosaurs)

nail polish Depend, watch Friis&Company, bracelets Michael Kors and Cubus, rings Monki

9 kommenttia:

  1. Omg stunning outfit!in love with your shirt!and proenzo looks fab!

  2. your PS is just gorgeousss

  3. you look great!


  4. ca-uuutte! work it girl.

    love the blog! can't wait to read more! :)

    love, rach.

  5. naya: Thank you sweetie!! :)

    tse parfait: Thanks! It's my most loved bag... :D

    the rubber doll: Thank you! :)

    rach: Thanks dear! Hope you come by again! :)

  6. very nice, follow me back at


  7. Ahhah, sun tän hetkinen hiustyyli taas on mun inspiraationa kun bookkaan seuraavan aikani kampaajalle :-D Musta ihan mieletön noiden vaaleiden latvojen kanssa, sun luonnollinen sävy on tosi kaunis.

  8. miss: Thanks!

    bloo90fashion: Thank you dear! :)

    anonyymi: Hahhah, ehkä sit oon itte vaan liian kriittinen! :D Kiitos!


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