sunnuntai 8. heinäkuuta 2012

//All day all night//


leather jacket H&M Trend, denim shorts Urban Outfitters, t-shirt Acne, sunnies Cheap Monday, sandals Jil Sander

Sorry for the heavy editing.... But I had to. Since I had edited one photo and I loved the way it turned out - well, not so natural but hard sunshine outside is not the perfect light anyhow - I had to edit the others, too. And of course, since I didn't edit them all at once I couldn't remember what I had done and now the colours of these three are only somewhat similar :)

This is the ultimate basic outfit I've been sporting quite much every day this summer (I'm not counting work days, no). Easy and.... easy, not so interesting. At least today I didn't need my jacket since we had such humid and oppressive weather today. Otherwise, I could count the warm days of this summer by one hand. Warm is... when temperature rises noticeably over 20°C.

Hope you have had a crazy good weekend. I've been super effective and I got my closet cleaned up. I'm hoping for a flea market soon since I'm better filling the shelves than cleansing them...


6 kommenttia:

  1. Onks toi Kaneli? Mistä hankit ja saako udella hintaa?

  2. Nono, on eBayn nimetön versio :D

  3. You have a lovely blog!
    Congrats =)


  4. nyrha: Kiitos! :)

    lorna: Thanks! xx

  5. Ihana asu, varsinki nuo kengät! :)

    xx Cecilia


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