sunnuntai 13. toukokuuta 2012

// Emerald //

You're right, the knit in my last post is amazing. I love it - well, would I otherwise have bought it at all? I doubt so. However, there is - thank god for these wearing-a-sweater-is-the-right-answer weathers - one knitted sweater hanging on my clothing racks that I love even more than the mentioned pretty fluffy dip-dyed thing. It's this one, Acne's emerald beauty that I got as a christmas present from my boyfriend.

I try not to wear this sweater everyday. I also suspect that I will be trying to stop myself from wearing these Reed Krakoff heels everyday later on this summer. Never have I owned such a pair of 12cm heels without plato that wouldn't hurt as ****, but now I've got one of those miraculous pairs in my closet. Love their silhouette, big buckle and wide strap over my foot. For 170 euros from Such a catch. My bf didn't consider this pair (to be honest, he rarely considers any of them as a true find) as an unbelievable saving, even though I tried to explain him that
1) retail price 690 euros --> 170 euros = saving 520 euros (!!!);
2) only one pair left = have to act super fast; and
3) only my size left = True Match
What is actually weird, is that they just don't get this easy logics.

And they even make black jeans and a grey t-shirt look cool as anything.

sunnies Ray-Ban // sweater Acne // trousers H&M Trend // bag Proenza Schouler // heels Reed Krakoff

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  1. Darling you look fabulous and yes, those shoes were a great find! Love them xx

  2. Pitäiskö kehua housuja, paitaa vai kenkiä? Joka tapauksessa upea asu!! :)

  3. Hi Love,
    I happened to visit your blog and I really liked it. Enjoyed reading all your wonderful posts :) Please visit my blog as well
    If it interests, please feel free to follow me. I shall be happy to do the same for you,


  4. your pics are so beautiful! i'm always impressed! And your outfit is really nice! I'm waiting for your next post! :)

  5. Your ideas are lovely tasteful and stylish

  6. Olet kaunis ja asu on hieno!!!
    Voisitko vilkaista blogiani:
    Kiitos jo näin etukäteen!

  7. Aika kiva, rento asu. Pidän kovasti puserostasi, mintunvihreälle kun syrämmeni nyt sykkii :)

  8. great outfit :)

  9. Sulta löytyy kyllä aina kaikkein upeimmat kengät.. Huh huh!


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