maanantai 7. toukokuuta 2012


Finally it's so warm here that I can at least imagine wearing just a knit and not a parka all buttoned up and the whole look finished with a big scarf. For curiosity, we live in this "former working people district transforming into a hipster district with all its rough peculiarities" in Helsinki and therefore every now and then a new cozy restaurant or coffee bar or small art gallery opens its doors.

We went to test restaurant Alppitori, one of the newcomers. It is a little sister to restaurant Tori in Punavuori. I have to admit that I had been there already before - ate lunch with Johanna - and I was pleasantly surprised by the food and its price both times. For a lunch I had chicken salad with lime chili (fresh bread served free) and for Sunday's late lunch I ate chèvre sandwich, I was full for next 5 hours for 9 euros. Not bad, and both dishes were super hyper good. Find their Facebook HERE and go test if you're strolling at the hoods!

sunglasses Topman, knit H&M, jeans Cubus, heels Reed Krakoff, bag Alexander Wang

PS. Huomenna parit kengät blogikirppikselle. Käykää tsekkaamassa 12 jälkeen!

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  1. Love your knit! The restaurant looks nice :)

  2. i adore that sweater!Adore!;)

  3. Onpa tosiaan kiva neule. Tykkään :)

    Piret xx

  4. Nyt täytyy kyllä kommentoida!:) Olen seurannut blogiasi jo jonkin aikaa ja sulla on aivan mahtava tyyli!:)

  5. i like the way you express your own ideas here.

  6. Competely gorgeous photos ;-)


  7. Laura L: Thanks!! The restaurant is brilliant if seeking for relaxed food and atmosphere :)

    Borjana: Thanks! It's super pretty, but so fluffy that my jeans were all covered in dust after wearing it :D

    Piret: Eikö! H&M:stä ostin, joku 29 eur?!

    Merenhelmi: Oi kiitos paljon! :))

    Clara Turbay: Thanks!

    Bloo90fashion: Thanks belong to my boyfriend ;D

    laugh yourself sick: Thank you!! xx

    Hanna: Se näyttää kivalle, mut on tosin ihan älyttömän nukkaava... eli vähemmän käyttis kuitenkin :D


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