tiistai 10. huhtikuuta 2012


Easter - and in Jyväskylä it was snowing. Last Saturday night we headed out and it was -8°C outside. Well hello Finnish April! I couldn't believe my frozen fingers since I've had such a great spring mood after we came back from Copenhagen. Every day wasn't so bad though, we even managed to take these pictures.

Love the little oversized shirt from Zara, it has the pajama look I've been very keen on lately. I like the weird all-striped look - I think jeans give the outfit a little more casual touch than matching pajama pants would. The only new thing here are my Mikko Alatalo/Elton John sunglasses - I have to say that they may look cool, but the wearability is something very different from my Ray-Bans... The blue ones barely hide my eyes and putting them on feels like you had just walked into Eiffel65/smurf world (yes, having hard time picking out the best visualization, and yes I'm this old, younger folks probably won't get the first one) where sun shines just as hard as it does without those specs. But they look cool.

sunglasses Urban Outfitters, shirt Zara, jeans Topshop, shoes Dinsko, clutch Zara

3 kommenttia:

  1. Love this look,I'm in a hunt for perfect pajama piece,too!And how amazing is that Zara bag??;)

  2. Heippa Aurora! Tosi kiva että jatkat bloggaamista, sulla on ihana tyyli! Ja nyt on kauniit isot kuvatkin. Hyvää kevättä :)

  3. borjana: Thank you! I'm in love with that shirt... it's material is perfect, silky and soft. That clutch cost only like 25 euros, such a catch!

    mira: Kiitos tuhannesti! <3 Hyvää kevättä myös sulle!


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