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Interview with Rejina Pyo and William Hendry/WEEKDAY collaboration

I was given an opportunity to interview two of WEEKDAY's latest collaboration designers named Rejina Pyo and William Hendry who have graduated last year from London Central Saint Martin, the very renown fashion university. The collaboration hits stores the 17th of April - that will say, they'll be here very soon - and brings us minimalist clothes in bright colours.

Here's what the designers themselves think about the collaboration and fashion.

// What is that you love about fashion? How would you describe your designs? //

Rejina Pyo: I love the irony in fashion. Some people couldn't care less about it, whilst others thrive on it. Fashion can be shallow but it also deals with the time we are living in, and has a great effect on other areas of design from interiors to art. I love the interaction between all these disciplines.

My designs for Weekday are very clean and minimal, as it is a small collection, but it's also fun. All of the garments can be worn back to front as well, depending on what colour the wearer is in the mood for that day!

In general, my design starts from a strong idea with a modern twist. They have a somewhat idiosyncratic mood but are still quite elegant and timeless.

William Hendry: I think it's a presumption that fashion designers love fashion. Fashion as a concept is not something I'm entirely comfortable with because I think something designed well should always be good and not just accepted to satisfy a moment in time or the aesthetic zeitgeist. I would however say that I do love clothes. The creation, perception and wearing of clothes is perpetually fascinating to me.

Describing my work is something that I try and avoid doing; once it's made then it's the decision of the buyer or the wearer to describe it I asked my dad what one word he would use to describe my work and he came up with 'considered' which I rather like. So if I had to describe my work I would describe it as my dad does: Work made by consideration.

// Did you know about Weekday before creating a collection for them? Where had you heard about it? Do you own Weekday clothes? //

RP: To be honest, I didn't know. I heard of it when they visited Central Saint Martins to pick the designers to collaborate with. Shame on me, as they have amazing collections! Although in my defence they have no shops in the UK so that's probably why I had not heard of them. Come to the UK weekday!

WH: I knew about Weekday before this project. Whenever I asked any of my Swedish or Danish friends at school where their jumper or pants were from I'd always get the same answer "Weekday".

// What inspired you while you started to work with the collaboration collection? What kind of collection did you want to create? //

RP: Weekday loved my graduation collection and wanted me to create something along the same lines. So it's based on that same idea, which is a contrast between material and colour, but with more wearable designs. I was thinking about how girls dress these days and I think a big part is being able to play with their clothes and how they look. So I decided to create fresh and simple clothes where they back and front panels are in different colours and materials, like black and red and silk and linen. That way they can turn it around, tuck it in, wear it with a belt, accessorise it, dress it up or down. Basically make it their own!

WH: I like working within different design areas, before Weekday I had worked on knit, footwear and luggage projects and the initial inspiration point was just to see how my womenswear background could translate on to a menswear collection. The main force behind the design development was to obliterate all aspects of menswear which I find annoying so ergonomics and a focus on details were a main focus.

// Do you have an own favourite piece in your collection? If so, what is it and why? //

RP: I love the long dress, it is effortlessly chic. To the office you can wear the black linen to the front with a simple belt, and then for the evening you can turn it around so you have the more fun and bold coloured silk to the front. It's simple but it has a big effect, definitely a statement piece!

WH: haven't seen the final pieces yet.

// What did you like most about creating the collection? //

RP: I enjoy each stage from the research to the final collection. But probably researching is the best part as you never know what will come out at the end!

WH: Working with the print was fun: I was on jury service at the time so I was researching a lot of it between cases. I found looking at Mark Rothko, Ellsworth Kelly and Frank Stella pictures enjoyably escapist.

// What kind of future plans do you have? //

RP: I won the Han Nefkens fashion and art award for 2012, so I am in the process of working on an art installation piece which will be exhibited in September at the Boijmans Museum in the Netherlands, which is very exciting! In the meantime I would like to start my own collection. ''

WH: To design clothes.

Thank you both for the interview! You can check out the collaboration collection HERE!

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